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Exchange: Inspiring communities to become better places to live.

Our Purpose

Exchange Clubs sponsor a range of activities to benefit, award, and develop our nation’s youth; promote crime prevention, serve senior citizens; recognize military and public safety service providers; and encourage good American citizenship. Members also initiate activities to meet unique local needs, from raising funds for the homeless to building and staffing a sheltered workshop for the disabled.

The National Exchange Club adopted the prevention of child abuse as its national project in 1979 after then club president Dr. Edward North Jr. observed increased incidences of abuse at his Jackson, Mississippi, medical practice.

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Why Belong

To help build a better America, and in doing so, bring out the best in yourself. Exchange helps members develop leadership, networking, and organizational skills that contribute to success in business, family, and personal endeavors. More importantly, Exchange provides members with the opportunity to share their time and talents to help others through reaching out to an abused child who needs love and affection, organizing a community crime prevention program, or wielding rakes in a clean-up project. Through these and many other public-spirited projects, Exchangites make a real difference in cities and towns across America.

National Exchange Club

National Exchange Club

Known as America’s Service Club, nearly 28,000 members, 800 clubs and 29 districts make up the National Exchange Club. Members reside in the continental United States and Puerto Rico.

The Exchange Club National Headquarters in Toledo, Ohio, employs a dedicated staff committed to helping clubs carry out Exchange’s mission of making communities better places to live. With staff assigned to growth, finance, marketing, and public relations, child abuse prevention services, and member services, National Headquarters strives to continually exceed the expectations of its membership and provide membership value.

National Exchange Club Bylaws

District Exchange Club

District and regional leadership are comprised of Exchange Club members who have served their clubs and communities in a most dedicated capacity and have been elected by fellow members. Members of Exchange’s leadership receive training from National Headquarters and function to help strengthen Exchange Clubs assigned by geographic location. Leadership develops and maintains interclub relationships, helps districts and clubs achieve growth, serves as mentors for members and clubs, and ensures valuable communication is maintained between National Headquarters and the clubs within their districts/regions. The Exchange Club of Omaha belongs to the Lakes and Prairies District, which includes the Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska clubs.

District Exchange Club Bylaws

Local Exchange Club

Local-level clubs identify the needs of their communities and, in most cases, provide for those needs through projects falling under the Programs of Service and National Project. Local Exchange Clubs are supported by their own officers, boards of directors, self-raised funds, and, in some cases, foundations. Clubs also develop valuable community partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations working toward common goals.

Local Exchange Club Bylaws

Exchange Club of Omaha

Founded in 2023, the Exchange Club of Omaha is the only club in Nebraska. Members become friends and are dedicated to the causes we serve. We hope you will join us!

The Exchange Club of Omaha meets on the [day of the month] at [time] at Happy Hollow Country Club, 1701 S. 105th Street in Omaha.

Be our guest! If you’d like to learn more about the Exchange Club of Omaha, join us for lunch by completing this RSVP form [need link].

Ready to join? Complete our New Member form [need link] and we will be in touch!


Charles A. Berkey (1870-1942)


The first local Exchange Club formed in Detroit, Michigan, in 1911. At the suggestion of Charles A. Berkey, the group selected the “Exchange” name to reflect the desire to exchange ideas and information with like-minded individuals about how to better serve their communities. The Exchange Club of Toledo, Ohio, became the second Exchange Club in 1913. Clubs also organized in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Cleveland, Ohio. After the National Exchange Club received nonprofit status in 1917, the group gave charters to the four individual clubs.

The National Exchange Club has been at the forefront of significant developments in American history, including the early days of aviation progress. In 1954, Exchange collaborated with other leadership organizations to help add the “Under God” phrase to the Pledge of Allegiance. This was done to heighten awareness of our rich religious heritage and demonstrate the spirit of patriotism.

Starting in the early 20th century, Exchange members dedicate themselves to serving their local communities and advancing their motto of “Unity in Service.” We are America’s Service Club. The diverse array of Exchange-sponsored programs and projects enhance the lives of countless men, women, and children across the nation.

Membership Dues

New Member Initiation is $25 – covered by the Exchange Club of Omaha.

On-going dues, paid quarterly, are:

  • National dues – $19 per member and $10 per additional family member
  • District dues –$6 per member and $3 per additional family member
  • Local club dues – $13.50 per member
    Total quarterly dues – $38.50

Exchange Club of Omaha Strategic Plan

Primary Goals

• Prevention of Child Abuse
• Service to God
• Service to America
• Service to the community
• Service to youth

Secondary Goals

• Community awareness
• Fellowship and fun
• Perpetuation through membership growth
• Rewarding experiences

Club Strengths

• Dedicated and participating membership
• Past success and experience with various club projects
• Community outreach
• Experienced leadership
• Interesting speakers at meetings

Specific Objectives

• Increase community awareness and visibility
• Membership attendance and growth
• Fundraising to support our projects
• Derive benefits of current activities
• Assure the financial stability of the club
• Increase number of informal social gatherings with members/potential members

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do Exchange Clubs do?

Clubs sponsor a wide range of activities to improve our communities, help the disadvantaged, and encourage good American citizenship. The principal areas of Exchange's Program of Service are Youth, Americanism, Community Service and Child Abuse Prevention. Members also initiate activities to meet unique local needs, from raising funds for the homeless to building and staffing a sheltered workshop for the disabled.

How do I join?
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Who can join?

Anyone over the age of 18 interested in serving the community can join.

How much does it cost to join?

As our welcome gift to new members, the Exchange Club of Omaha covers the $25 New Member Initiation Fee.

On-going dues, paid quarterly, are:

  • National dues – $19 per member and $10 per additional family member
  • District dues –$6 per member and $3 per additional family member
  • Local club dues – $13.50 per member
  • Total quarterly dues – $38.50

Contact Us

Have a question about a program? Interested in becoming a member? Simply provide your contact information and question, and an Exchangite will get you the information you’re looking for.

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